watermelon party

We have been having watermelon party.

Our discussion today was extensively on watermelon.

We planted in September and by exactly 60 days we started harvesting.

We even suspected they might have been ready earlier than the 60 days because some are already rottening

A team member suggested is best to start checking the maturity starting from the 50th day

And then it occured to me we could plant it on a trellised.

Yes. We tried that’s some times ago when we have the local Green house on the farm

But then it was not under good agricultural practise.

Imagining planting water melon on a raised bed and trellised like cucumber

* The spacing will reduce from 3m to 40cm.

* Seeds use on a bed with 2 drip lines will be around 150 plants

* Each plant will produce minimum of 2-3 fruits. Hence a raised bed might give 100-150 watermelon fruits

* 10 beds will be averaging 1000 fruits

* 80 beds which make an acre will be producing 80 beds multiply by 100 fruits. 8,000 fruits

Worst case scenario you sell at N50 per fruits.

Figure it out.

I just keep wondering why we are not adopting the new system of farming profitably?

Why do we battle with unemployment in the midst of plenty?

You trust my team to experiment planting watermelon with all the good agricultural practises to get the bountiful harvest

We will change the face of farming in Nigeria.

You can either join the team or stay on the fence

We are sure moving

Yinka Adesola