The Green Jacket is back “home”.

I’m learning from this “Tiger’s comeback”.

I’m learning from the loyalty of Nike to this brand, when it was fashionable for brands to distance themselves from Tiger Woods due to his marital issues, Nike, a global brand stood with him for all the years of drought, till he made this epic and refreshing comeback to winning ways, yesterday.

This act makes Nike a winner for me too, like their slogan “Just do it”, they did this right, in a world that is more about identifying with success than helping the sinking stand strong.

I’m learning from the resilence of Woods himself, he kept working, without any noise, finding healing, deploying himself.

Till his #Change came.

My #Change is coming too. I’m coming out stronger and better. No more delays.

Yours will come too. Let’s not get weary.

Let’s keep moving.

May Nigeria Succeed – in our life times.